Turnkey Events

Your Washington DC Event Solution!

Beltway Catalyst offers impactful, cost effective and completely Turnkey Event Planning. We will assess your requirements and utilize our tested and proven contacts and solutions in order to offer a jaw dropping Event or Press Conference that is powerful and unique.

One of the more popular venues in high demand is the National Press Club. This location offers many opportunities, if properly coordinated, to both host a memorable event as well as gain instant access to ready media who already have representation on its campus. We can coordinate your event complete with livestream, video footage, room setup, refreshments and more. Before and/or after the event we can take you to one of our contracted production studios for additional Thought Leadership interviews with your executives, panel experts and other high value guests.

Many organizations utilize our Turnkey Event Planning as a money maker by bringing on sponsors, therefore we can also coordinate booth space at the event in plain view of the guests and media for optimal and expedient impact.

We also provide a full media campaign package that includes interviews on: local/national/international radio, TV and highly subscribed to podcast channels. Our media campaign package also includes an “influencer” component so that you can take your event promotion to the digital tribes who closely follow and interact with your industry niche via social media. To get more information CONTACT US.

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