Thought Leader Publicity

Beltway Catalyst offers the most powerful Thought Leadership Program for industry niche experts who are ready to hyper-elevate their leadership and stakeholder access. Our program provides a calculated and proven strategy for inserting our Thought Leaders into the very fabric of their niche subjects, allowing them to steer the public narrative, influence industry and contribute to the epicenter of power and influence here in Washington DC. We magnify the potency of our program by offering turnkey access to guaranteed publicity each and every month, social media promotion, congressional advisory for their industry genre, and their own custom-tailored TV show with special guest Influencers that garner attention.

​A Thought Leadership Program Like No Other!


Public relations, business associations, and Thought Leadership Programs have the potential to not only be ahead of the curve, but to enhance an their executive's pedigree and cement their position as the new industry face and pace setter. Our goal, with all of our Thought Leader clients is to place our experts into a climate of hyper evolution of executive pedigree and access where they will become one of the most potent drivers of the public narrative for topics centering around their industry niche.

Included in the Program:

  • Immediate Congressional Advisory: As opportunities arise, our Thought Leaders have the opportunity to apply their industry expertise to the Congressional, Executive Branch and Federal Agency space when stakeholders are in need of our expert’s unique skill set and require nonpartisan and objective input from industry leaders. Each month our Thought Leaders will have the potential to engage in powerful Congressional Briefings on Capitol Hill, author talking points for stakeholders requesting assistance in responding to constituency issues that require objective industry niche insight, prep staffers for hearings with unique insights and more. Program participants can also expect to be offered positions on other advisories and round table groups where only the best of the best are called on to be part of high stakes advisory.

  • Guaranteed Publicity: Exponentially boost your organizations outreach with 5-10 monthly interviews, including TV and Radio, press conferences, opinion-editorial positioning, and speaking engagements. [For PR Firms, this accommodation will be an Add On, an enhancement to the publicity and appearances you currently offer your clients]

  • Influencer Alliance Building: In addition to our Guaranteed Publicity services, we will also analyze your online position and begin outreach to social media influencers across all platforms to promote you as an industry expert and will begin setting up strategic partnerships and collaborations. We will have you plugged into dozens of digital tribes who are industry niche enthusiasts and have an interest in hearing your message. 

  • Monthly Events: Participate in National Press Club events for expert panel discussions, stakeholder briefings, high profile speaking engagements, and industry forums with immediate access to niche journalists, social media influences, television coverage and many other unique media related opportunities. Our program offers a 100% turn-key model, which means we present you unique opportunities from a strategic position. You pick the opportunities you want and all you need to do is show up. We take care of the rest!

  • Weekly TV Show, recorded monthly: Each month, along with a day of briefing Congress, participating in your press conference at the National Press Club or contributing to a Congressional briefings or hearings, you will have the opportunity to highlight key updates and share your expertise with industry through a powerful and uniquely tailored TV Show. We provide unrivaled turnkey social media and traditional media promotion, premium grade HD quality studio production, and a minimum of 20,000+ targeted industry niche enthusiasts to watch each episode, each week. We will continue to hyper-promote your show with the initial goal of achieving a regular viewership of 100,000 targeted industry niche enthusiasts who will view, comment, like and spread each and every episode you put out. The TV Show is recorded once per month and from that studio production, we will create 4, high impact episodes that will be published once per week. We also submit your TV show to iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and other entertainment portals in order to optimize your brand expansion and coverage.

  • Executive/Company Documentary: Imagine your own, premium 4k quality documentary that showcases your career as an industry maverick and/or positions your company as the industry pacesetter controlling the throttle of bleeding edge evolution. We can produce a 10, 20, 30 or 60 minute documentary that will solidify your executive leadership and/or organizations position in the history books for your industry. Clients and peers will be floored when they see your documentary on iTunes, Amazon, Netflix and Hulu. No other thought leadership program offers such a powerful promotional tool.

  • We offer endless unique capabilities and customized options. If you have an idea, chances are, we can make it a reality!


We work with new and aspiring politicians, CEOs, retiring federal agency executives, professional athletes and endless other niche area experts, all with the goal of helping them standing out and dominating their industry. Within 60 days of working with us, we guarantee we will have you plugged in advising congress on your niche area of expertise (we are regularly asked by Congressional offices to bring experts to the Hill to chime in on industry issues), gaining rapid brand momentum with continuous media coverage, speaking at events that showcase our expert as the industry visionary, buzzing among social media influencers with conversations about your TV show and etched in the history books of your industry with your own biography style documentary, guaranteed!


Note: Beltway Catalyst and its affiliated organizations are not lobbyists. Our service is an advisory for thought leaders to offer their expertise to high level stakeholders who can utilize our Thought Leader’s expertise to serve a higher purpose, with a focus on non-partisan and non-agenda driven contribution to securing a better future for America.