Think Tank Strategies

We are one of the only consultancies that offer Think Tank advisory strategies. From concept to facilitation to ongoing thought leadership and media relations, we have become the 'go to' organization for expediently facilitated think tank formation that will deliver the powerful impact and industry altering leadership you're trying to achieve.


We can take you from the idea phase to a fully running and operating structure within 60 days. We also have the thought leaders that can assist with powerful, profound and niche-unique op-eds that we will get published as well as media feature coverage and mentions on a weekly basis.

Professional Growth

Just a few of this program's strategic solutions:

  • Congressional advisory facilitation where we introduce you to members of the House and Senate as well as the Caucus and Committee members who are directly involved in the industry niche related to your think tank theme.

  • Congressional round table formation to act as an objective brain trust for the various initiatives on the Hill that require your advisory and thought leadership.

  • We will bring in our thought leaders who we've already brought into federal agencies and congressional space to brief you on work being done and to be done on the Hill for your niche.

  • We will guide you on how to construct meaningful talking points and briefings that are optimally used by your new congressional clients and federal agency partners.

  • Help you set up virtual summits and highly attended expert panels, press briefings and thought leader interviews that gain viral traction to tens of millions of social media participants.

  • We will help you set up a media communications and introduction strategy that puts your organization and Fellows directly in the spotlight of critical conversations taking place in and around your industry.

  • and much more!

Let's start your Think Tank today!