Documentary Film Production

A whole new level of Thought Leadership and Executive/Corporate Branding!

While most public relations firms and organizations utilize the prototypical outlets to promote their thought leaders such as: media interviews, paid speaking engagements and whitepaper publishing, Beltway Catalyst offers a full menu of next generation Thought Leadership Solutions.  

In addition to our Guaranteed Publicity program, Congressional Advisory opportunities, turnkey events, Influencer alliance building, Thought Leader TV Show production and other game changing services, we now offer Documentary Film Production.

Traditionally, documentary film production has been out of reach for organizations to use as a Thought Leader promotion tool but our program makes this affordable and absolutely possible for most organizations. Our 30-60 minute documentary is professionally produced and has all the premium grade bells and whistles of even the most elevated production quality facilitation without the elevated price tag! Our production services are affordable and can be used to engrave Your Company or CEOs name in the history books of your industry niche.

This service is completely turnkey and Beltway Catalyst takes care of every granular detail of the project once some general information is communicated to our production team and the goals of your project get build into the process. Our documentary production solutions also include several upgrade opportunities such as: a Washington DC based screening for media to attend and cover the launch of the production, submission to iTunes, Amazon, Netflix and Hulu (among others) for documentary distribution and the options for a full 30, 60 or 90 day publicity blitz that will put your experts on local, national and international radio and TV to talk about the documentary. We also offer a powerful “influencer marketing” strategy where we communicate with your industry’s most prolific social media mavericks and coordinate the promotion of your documentary with them so they can notify their massive digital tribe of your documentary and why they need to watch it.

No stone is left unturned and no granular subtlety is overlooked. Your documentary will be affordable, powerful and dynamic and with the multitude of additional solutions that can be custom tailored to fit your goals, the sky is the limit for the success of your company’s documentary film!

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