Congressional Subject Matter Expertise

Whether you're a newly elected Congressional figure, an experienced Representative seeking a niche related position within a committee or a politician seeking media attention and expert credential for an issue that is having a deep impact on your constituency, we have the contacts and expertise to facilitate this strategy both expediently and with attention to potency.

We can also offer you the strategic alliance introductions across the isle and within your party that will make all the difference for gaining support to move your ideas forward on the Hill. When you have legislation that you are writing, sponsoring, co-sponsoring or critiquing, we will bring you the topical expertise from world renown thought leaders that will completely transform your initiative.

Tell us about your goals and walk us through your desired outcome and we will facilitate the following game changing strategies within days of being contracted.


We will:

  • Organize a round table advisory, composed of the leading subject matter experts for the particular niche in which you are focused.

  • Deliver customized and unique talking points authored by topical Thought Leaders that will give you a fast and competitive edge in order to buy you time during the education phase of your team.

  • Provide game changing briefings with the most strategic content that will optimize the impact of your committee and media interactions, enabling you to demonstrate superior knowledge on the most critical aspects of your topic.

  • Author op-eds and publish them via domestic and international media via traditional and 2.0 vectors.

  • Facilitate outreach to niche journalists who have demonstrated a long term and unique intellectual prowess on the topic in which you're engaged in order to secure communication with and article mentions from these niche related journalists.

  • Communicate your talking points, positions, and rally support from more than 40,000,000 social media followers within our vast collective network.

  • Organize virtual Summits and media briefing opportunities that are zeroed in on your topic and hyper-focused on the success of your campaign mission and desired outcome.

  • Facilitate a robust and targeted academic, industry and media campaign meant to flank and amplify your initiative with the topic's most pronounced subject matter narrative formulators. 

  • and much more

Contact us today to engage.

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