Congressional Distribution

Whether you're a corporation with critical research that requires targeted distribution to Congress or a lobby firm or PAC interested in streamlining some of your efforts on the Hill, Beltway Catalyst is here to help. We will distribute your content to your in-house list or we can tell you which offices are working on the issues centering around your special interest and we can even tell you which staffer in each office is fielding and managing the type of research you're distributing. 

A popular add on to this service to the Congressional Distribution solution is our customized "Distribution List". We will give you a detailed excel spreadsheet which lists: Representative's name, office address, main phone, targeted staffer name, direct number and email. You will be able to call, email or snail mail each offices as your research evolves and your organizational message evolves.

If you're organization is outside of the Beltway region you can tell us when you're coming into DC and we can set appointments with the targeted staffers in each office so that you can further communicate your message to the legislative representatives that matter most to your initiative. We are not lobbyists, we are advisors so we will be able to sit in on some meetings while we can't in others. Call us for more information.

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